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B/W Screen Capture from Old Matt Mason Commercials

C elevision was the medium of our generation. And for many of us, it introduced us to Major Matt Mason. Below you can download both of the original Major Matt Mason television commercials as compressed .avi or .mpg files to view and save on your computer.

Also, you can order your own copies of these two commercials, available on VHS tape for only $15. These two commercials have been transferred from original 16mm prints to video tape using a Digital Rank Ursa telecine and restored using a system developed for Turner Classic Movies. Order yours today via email, include your name, and address in your request for more information:


Major Matt Mason :30 Black and White
“This is Major Matt Mason”
• AVI FILE (3.4 Megs)

Major Matt Mason :60 Color
“Meet Major Matt Mason”
• AVI FILE (6.8 Megs)
Media Player 784K

Major Matt Mason :60 Color & :30 Black and White
• MPG FILE (6.6 Megs)

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