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Talking Command Console

R ember how cool it was when your Mom and Dad brought home your Talking Command Console? Or how neat it was to let Talking Matt Mason drop down his line as his talking back pack reported “Mission Accomplished. Returning to ship.”?

Now you can enjoy hearing those sounds again. We've gathered the best available recordings of both these toys and made them available here on the web site. You can download them to use on your computer. Many collectors have programmed computer sound chips with these files to repair their old toys!

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Talking Command Console(Requires WinZip to uncompress)
Download .WAV Files


Talking Command Console

Listen 1) Ready for blast-off! 3 - 2 - 1 Barroooommmmm!!   204 KB
Listen 2) da de da de da de Batteries recharged Major!  187 KB
Listen 3) Taking immediate action to evade meteor storm. Hold on Seargant!  211 KB
Listen 4) Fuel supply almost exhausted Major. Switch to reserve. 216 KB
Listen 5) Moon station on scanners Major. Shall we make contact?  196 KB
Listen 6) Recallibrate instruments for rendevous and docking manuvers.  198 KB
Listen 7) Orbit achieved Seargant, unfasten belts and switch on scanners.  214 KB
Listen 8) Close helmet visor Seargant, instruments show we're loosing oxygen.  217 KB
Listen 9) Scanners indicate meteor storm directly ahead. See it Major?  218 KB

Talking Major Matt Mason(Requires WinZip to uncompress)
Download .WAV Files


Talking Back Pack

Listen A Ok         103 KB
Listen Mission 1  130 KB
Listen Mission 4  121 KB
Listen Orbit         968 KB

Hey folks,

My friend Bill Ystrom from Chicago has turned up a talking back pak that speaks Italian. It has 5 sayings as the american version. Probably says an Italian variation of the same voice commands.

Bill has a friend that speaks Italian but he says the dialect is not what he's used to. It was probably targeted to the most dominate Italian dialects such as Rome. He also feels that the person was an Italian actor that was trying to act like an astronaut would. So there is no telling what version of Italian this is.

Perhaps someone will find this and be able to help us out with a translation. Anyhow this will tell us that these toys trully were marketed in foreign lands not only in print but in audio as well.

We've attached wav files of each of the 5 voice commands.


Keith Meyer

Italian Talking Major Matt Mason(Requires WinZip to uncompress)
Download .WAV Files


Italian Talking Major Matt Mason

Listen Activita 

74 KB

Listen Battery

75 KB

Listen Colade 

69 KB

Listen Magne 

72 KB

Listen Pasta  

79 KB


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