Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

Major Matt Mason w/helmet flare by Les Rayburn

T here are lots of ways to pursue your collection of the Major Matt Mason toy line, below we offer some options for both new and experienced collectors. New collectors should also be sure to read our FAQ. It offers a complete list of sources, grading information, current price range, and a list of collectors who buy and sell MMM toys but are available only offline.

Major Matt Mason Email Mailing List
Join over 100 Mason collectors via this free email list. This list is maintained by John Eaton who runs the website.

The Big Red Toy Box Auction Page
This is the best place to start your Major Matt Mason collection! Don Thompson's great auction page offers real-time bidding and almost always has Mason items up for bid. You’ll also find a link to Don’s faithful reproductions of MMM items that are for sale now!

Ebay Online Auctions
Another good place to find Matt Mason items online. Their handy search engine makes it easy to find MMM items offered for sale. Simply type in "Matt Mason" (within the quote marks) and the search engine will return only those items related to Matt Mason.

Reproduction Items
A complete listing of reproduction Matt Mason parts and vehicles available both online and offline.

Repair Tips and Services
Get tips from veteran collectors on how to restore your toys to like new condition. You’ll also find links to talented collectors who repair figures and vehicles for a small fee.


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