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Frank May, displays his homemade Or and Orbitor!

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Major Matt Mason Finally Meets Or!

At last the long wait is over. Thanks to the incredible modeling skills of collector Frank May of Vicksburg, MS. we can all finally see what Or looks like!

Or is made from 1/2" plywood (Body), model airplane parts (Head), and the arms and legs are from parts of two different Kenner 4" Star Wars action figures. The Orbitor craft is made from a 12" and an 8" needlepoint hoops. The cockpit pod if made from a plastic action figure cover.

The Orbitor's cockpit is made from balsa wood, and the control panel came from the podium of one of the scraped Star Wars figures. Rotor vanes were constructed from 1/8" aircraft pirch plywood, from a real airplane.

According to May, all of this was tacked together with white glue, super glue, sander sealed and then painted with Krylon yellow. Since Frank could not tell if Or was actually green or blue from the two known color photographs, he painted him Turquoise!

May has also produced incredible replicas of the Mobile Launch Pads and for his next project plans to built an upscale of the "Moon Rover" vehicle sold by Sears. This was a Japanese clone of Matt Mason. Our hats are off to Frank! And by the way, we'd be willing to pay a handsome price if he'd be willing to build one for us!

Frank May's Or, Photo #2
Frank May's Or, Photo #3

News From Canada

A collector in Canada came across a variation in the XRG-1 Glider that was previously unknown. It appears that the glider shipped with the Callisto figure in parts of Canada. We are currently seeking photos of this package and may have a lead. Stay tuned for updates! The image below is from a 1971 catalog.


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