Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

Major Matt Mason w/helmet flare by Les Rayburn

W elcome to Level 4 of the Space Station. This is your jumping off point for exploring the Major Matt Mason universe on the World Wide Web. Follow the links below to other great sites!

The Big Red Toy Box
Don Thompson's site features a world of Matt Mason information, as well as a real time auction page that almost always has Mason items up for bids, free classifieds, and a traders list. Don also markets a complete line of Mason reproduction items that are nearly perfect copies! Visit this great site!

The Lunar Lander Project
Jay Blanchard's page devoted to the effort to create a LEM scaled to fit the Major. Check in on the progress of this exciting new toy! You can even order one for yourself here!

Where the Wild Toys Are
One of the best toy sites on the web! John Eaton has photographs of some very rare Matt Mason items! A must see for any Mason fan. John has recently added pages from a rare Italian Major Matt Mason comic book!


The Toy Surgeon

Dennis Widner
Does a great job working on wounded figures.
Check out his work.

Joseph Kerezman's Matt Mason Site
This great site features rare photos, and you can even order reproduction helmets and vehicles too! Check this one out!

JP Aerospace
Read about the Major's recent trips into Space and Near Space onboard these high altitude sounding rockets!

September 1967 DC Comic book ad for Major Matt Mason. This rare comic strip type ad appeared in every DC comic that month.


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