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Firebolt Space Cannon Computer Game

F irebolt Space Cannon: Meteor Storm! A runaway comet has broken into multiple fragments and these deadly meteors threaten the entire Lunar base complex. Major Matt Mason, Sgt. Storm, and Captain Lazer rush to the Firebolt Lazer Cannon to defend the Space Station. Will they survive?

In this “Missle Command” clone, you command the Firebolt Space Cannon from any Windows computer (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT) You'll need at least a 386 Processor with 4 Meg of RAM but a faster computer will result in better play. You will also need a soundcard if you want to enjoy the authentic Major Matt Mason sounds, taken from the Talking Command Console!

And the best part is that it’s free! Simply download, uncompress, and install. The file is self-installing and may be freely distributed to all your Matt Mason friends. Enjoy!

(980K, Requires WinZip to uncompress)

Download WinZip for Win95/NT


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Revised: February 25, 2006.