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Major Matt Mason w/helmet flare by Les Rayburn

F AQ is an internet term that means “Frequently Asked Questions”, and is an attempt to answer a lot of questions that newcomers to a hobby might have...

Q. I had Major Matt Mason stuff as a kid and I'd like to pick up a few pieces, where do I start?

A. The best place is here on the internet. Join our Major Matt Mason Mailing List, or follow one of the links to a good auction page, like Don Thompson’s Big Red Toy Box Auction Page.

Another good source is Toy Shop Magazine, a bi-weekly newspaper format puplication available at most large bookstore chains such as Barnes/Noble.

Matt Mason Email List
Big Red Toy Box Auction Page

Q. How much can I expect to pay for Major Matt Mason toys?

A. This is a tough one to answer. Loose figures can be had sometimes at flea markets for as little as five dollars but more often are sold among collectors for $45-$50 and up for some of the rarer figures. Really rare figures like Scorpio can top several hundred dollars even loose.

Like most toys, items that are still in there box or on their card are worth considerably more than loose items. Some Matt Mason playsets can sell into the thousands of dollars if they are in mint condition and in the original box. But a lot of collectors have built great looking loose “display” collections for a couple of hundred dollars.

Q. Is there a good listing of all the toys that were made?

A. Yes. Our Mattel stock number listing contains the most accurate list of all items related to Major Matt Mason including recent items. You'll find complete information about each toy and in most cases, a photograph.

Mattel Stock List

Q. I've picked up a few figures but a lot of them have broken wires or other problems. Is there any way to repair these?

A. Tom Wentland, an avid Matt Mason collector has actually produced a video to guide you step by step through the process of restoring your figures. And if you don't feel like tackling the job yourself, Tom also does repair work for hire. Contact him via the email link below for details.

Another good source is our repair section, which features lots of helpful hints on cleaning, painting , and restoring your toys for display.

Email Tom Wentland
Repair Section of this site

Q. I've joined the Matt Mason email list. Are there other collectors who don't have computers that I should know about?

A. Yes, there are a couple of collectors who are very active in both buying and selling, and may be able to help you build your collection. Try the sources listed below:

Mark Shulte
5733 Genesse St.
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 684-3711
*Very active seller. Often has hard to find items for sale.

Rich Intahar
755 2-B St. Clair
Mentor, OH 44060
*Not as active as in the past but often has Mason items for sale.

Christian De Grandpre
331 Val D'or
St. Marc, Quebec
Canda, JOL 2EO
(514) 584-3206
*Active trader. Makes an extensive line of MMM reproduction items, including Space Station parts, weapons, string, tubing, Scorpio parts, bellows for moon and power suits, etc. Christian also sells a 2 hour long documentary that shows nearly every Major Matt Mason item ever made.

Q. I've seen toys for sale on the net, and they all have strange symbols next to them, like C7, C5, etc. What does all that mean?

A. Those refer to an informal grading system used as a sort of shorthand by collectors. The main ones used by Matt Mason collectors are listed below: remember though, one man’s C8 is another man’s C5. Always try to be as complete as possible when describing an item that you have for sale or trade. When buying be sure to ask questions about specific things that might cause you to be unhappy with a toy.

In the event that either party is unhappy with a sale or trade, contact them right away and try to work it out. Most publications and web sites have a policy to help weed out those who are dishonest in their dealings.

AF - Action Figures
AFD - Action Figure Digest
AOL - America Online
BO - Best Offer
BTW - By the way
BX - Boxed or with box
C1 - Useful only for parts
C2 - Has had very hard play.
C3 - Quite damaged, useful if covered up.
C4 - Many faults. Damaged, frayed, spots.
C5 - Heavy wear and spots, ofen damged/repairs.
C6 - Play wear with some stains or damage.
C7 - Presentable, has lost crispness, minor stains or damage.
C8 - Very nice, some wear visible.
C9 - Near mint, if used it was with great care.
C10 - Mint, unused.
CNP - Complete no Package
CST/CUST - Custom or Customized
CST - Central Standard Time
EX - Excellent
F - Fine
FAO - FAO Schwarz
FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
FTS - For Trade or Sale
FYI - For your information
Hair Rubs - Spots on a doll's head where hair has worn off
HH - Hard Hands
HTF - Hard to Find
KB - Kaybee Stores
KMRT - K-Mart
Knockoff - Accessories not made by the original manufacturer of a figure
LMK - Let me Know
Loose - Generally means either incomplete or no package
M - Mint
Melting - Damage to plastic from prolonged contact with rubber.
MIP - Mint in Package
MIMP - Mint in Mint Package
MISB - Mint in Sealed Box
MMM - Major Matt Mason
MM - Matt Mason
MMB - Mint in Mint Box
MO - Money Order
MOC - Mint on Card
NCNP - Not complete, no package
NM - Mint
NRFB - Never Removed from Box
NRFC - Never Removed from Card
NRMT - Near Mint
RPT - Repainted
TAR _ Target Stores
TD - Trade
TRU - Toys R Us
TS - Toy Shop
TT - Toy Trader
TTYL - Talk to You Later
VG - Very Good
WAL - Wal-Mart
WTB - Wanted to Buy
WTD - Wanted
WTT - Want to trade


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