Keith Meyers, The Space Station!


Whitman Coloring Book,
Photo by Keith Meyer. From the collection of Keith Meyer.

C oloring books have always delighted kids and fans of Major Matt Mason were not disappointed by this effort from Whitman.

The coloring book originally sold for only $29 cents and featured 95 pages of drawings by artists Dan Spiegle and Al Andersen. It also introduced a strange new alien race who had built a space station of their own on the lunar surface! These alien's described themselves as “Outcasts from Zycron” and took Major Matt Mason and Sgt. Storm captive. After a speedy trial, they were sentenced to death and only a timely rescue from Captain Lazer prevented their demise. Great fun!

For those collectors who haven't yet added this book to their holdings, we've prepared a special treat. You can now download the complete coloring book and then print it out on your own printer!

MMM Coloring Book
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page from book.


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