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Hello and welcome to the space on the web devoted to one of my favorite pastimes.   Aurora models were a major impact on my life as a young boy.  And many, many of you folks out there have the same similar sorts of stories to tell about these wonderous awesome "plastic" incarnations of our  childhood icons.  If your between the ages of  30 and 50 you possibly grew up building one or more of these classic plastic treasures.

Aurora models were plastic model kits that you would build and paint up to create a reasonable facsimile of subjects from our everyday normal lives such as Airplanes, cars and ships of all varieties.  There were kits to build likenesses from history such as medieval knight figures and ancient Roman Gladiators. American historical figures such as George Washington and John F Kennedy. There were kits of our armed forces.  Sailor, Marine, Air Force Pilot & Infantryman.  And wildlife kits of horses, deer, bears, bison, etc.   Hundreds of subjects to choose from.

To the world of Scifi, fantasy, comic book heroes and monster fans.  There was a wide aray of model kits sporting images of characters and scenes from Television Shows,  Monster movies, and classic heroes from the pages of our favorite silver-age Marvel and DC Comics!!   These kits are the most highly sought after and hence more valuable than the first grouping of kits I mentioned.

When Aurora closed it's doors around 1978 we lost a true friend in the hobby world.

This webpage is designed to show you all aspects of these wonderful treasures that began in the 1950's and lasted throughout the late 1970's.  I'll show you some classic advertisements from early comic books,  monster mags and other sources of interest.   You can take a look through pages of the many catalogs Aurora would offer of all their current kits for each year. Among several other Aurora related items, you'll be able to look at nice built-ups of these plastic masterpieces along with the original boxes they were sold in. 

About the Aurora Model Collector's Group:

This site also serves as a  host for members  of the Aurora Models List at Yahoo Groups where we currently have over 500 members.  The list provides insight on modeling tips and new release info from companies such as Polar Lights that offer replicas of many of the classic Aurora kits you'll find at this site.  The folks there will keep you informed of upcoming shows and events pertaining to the model world. 

To sign up it's free and painless.  Just follow the link at the top of this or any other page of the site to join. 

The list is managed by Trevor Ylissari and myself.  

Furthermore there is also a showplace for all list members at the"collectors gallery"  where you can display your modeling skills.  Take a look at this page.  There is some incredible work there.  Sign up for the list and you can be part of our gallery!

I hope you enjoy the trip down the classic plastic annals of Aurora Models.

Thanks for visiting,
Keith Meyer

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