Keith Meyers, The Space Station!

The Space Station Mattel Stock #6304 Major Matt Mason Space Crawler.

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Space Crawler. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the 
Collection of Keith Meyer.

Copyright:1966 --First Year Available:1967

Powered by two "D" cell batteries, nothing stops this heavy duty hauler from moving large objects over the rough Lunar terrain. With it's unlimited power it crawls over craters, rocks and deep crevices as it pads over moondust. While crawling over anything on any planet it always lands on it's feet.

When mounted atop the Space Station platform this mighty machine can be converted into a powerful rotating hoister & winch. Serving as a space elevator for astronauts and equipment to the command level and roof. Adapted from official space program design this single passenger vehicle is molded in a metallic "silver/gray" with "black" four spoke wheels described as rotating legs in the dealer catalogs and "red" accessories (winch hook and rear roller guide). Includes designated decals to identify it's place in the field. Batteries, space station, astronaut figures and other space equipment were not included.

Box is 14 1/8" x 9" x 9", has the traditional two side panels with photographs (4 different photos) showing the Crawler at work, and the other two sides and two end panels have the "blue" and "black" line illustrations on "white: background.

Standard pack of 1/2 doz. Wt: 14 1/2 lbs.

The only variations I've come across are the fact that some earlier crawlers did not have an oiling hole to lube the motor. This info from Larry Chinn of San Francisco.
Mattel archive photos reveal that an early prototype model showed the decal on the tail section where the production version would read "CRAWLER 5" read "MATTEL 5" instead.

The hubs on the spoked wheels are often cracked or missing. The rear "red" roller guide and "red" hook also are often missing. The gears that operate the wheels a lot of times are found to be worn out. These can be repaired however by using parts from other Crawlers that may be damaged in another way.

The Space Crawler could also be purchased in the following boxed sets with other space equipment:
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Close up detail of Space Crawler from
Space Discovery Set. Photo by Keith Meyer. From the Collection of Keith Meyer.


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